I am getting braces

Usually, your own dentist will be the first to notice you need braces. He or she will see, for instance, that there isn’t enough space. for your teeth and molars or that your jaws are incorrectly aligned. If so, your dentist will refer you to a dentist who is specialized in orthodontics.

You can also make an appointment with us yourself, because a referral isn’t necessary for that anymore.

You usually go through the following steps during an orthodontic treatment

During the first consultation, Mrs Schuttelaar or one of the other orthodontists will check to see whether and when you need braces.

During your second appointment, we will perform an extensive examination in order to develop a good treatment plan. We will take X-rays and digital photographs and make impressions of your teeth. We call this documentation.

When we have decided what the best course of treatment is for you, we will explain what we intend to do and then start the treatment.

When the orthodontic treatment has been completed, another important phase will begin: the retention phase. During this phase, the accomplished results will be stabilized by using retainers to keep your teeth in place.