Basically, orthodontic treatments are carried out in the same way for both adults and children. Adults must also go through an extensive documentation procedure to determine what the best course of treatment is. When that has been decided, it will be discussed elaborately with the patient.

There are two possible types of treatment:

Correction of the alignment of teeth and molars with (fixed) braces:

Before treatment:


After treatment:


Correction of the alignment of teeth, molars and jaws with a combined orthodontic/surgical treatment:

The big difference between treatment for adults and for children is the fact that adults aren’t growing anymore. This means that it is impossible to correct the alignment of the jaws solely with braces, if the alignment is extremely bad. In order to correct this, a combined orthodontic/surgical treatment is necessary.

Mrs Schuttelaar will straighten the elements in the upper and lower jaw separately and then the dental surgeon will straighten the alignment of the jaws with surgery. You have to apply for this kind of treatment to your insurance company and, if your request is granted, your insurance company will pay for everything.

Below, you will find two examples of patients who went through a combined treatment.

Orthodoncy + surgical relocation of the jaw to the front:


Orthodoncy + surgical relocation of the jaw to the back: