A number of things will be done during the documentation.

We will take:

■ X-rays
■ digital photographs
■ impressions of your teeth

First, we will take 2 X-rays of your jaws and sometimes, depending on your age, an X-ray of your wrist to determine your growth.



Next, we will take digital photographs of your mouth and face to document the position of your teeth and molars.

Then, we will make impressions of your teeth with alginate (a soft material used for making molds). To make such an impression, we will put a small container filled with alginate into your mouth and ask you to bite down. After fifteen to twenty seconds, we’ll take it out again and the impression wil be done.


We will use this data to develop a treatment plan.

We will discuss this plan during the next appointment with you and, if you’re a minor, with your parents/guardians.


You can find descriptions of the different braces we use in our practice onder the heading ‘The braces’.