In the practice, the orthodontist and the assistants work together to treat the patients as optimally and efficiently as possible. The entire staff strives to give every patient beautiful and healthy teeth. In order to get the best possible results, we also work together with other experts, like dentists, dental surgeons, other orthodontists, dental hygienists, speech therapists, and with the dental technicians at the dental laboratory.


At both the start and the end of the treatment, your dentist will be informed of the situation. We will confer with the dentist by phone when necessary. If a certain dental procedure needs to be carried out during the orthodontic treatment, your dentist will probably be asked to evaluate the situation and carry out the procedure.

Dental surgeon

We refer patients to a dental surgeon when certain molars or teeth need to be removed that can’t be removed or moved otherwise. Some treatments combine orthodontic with surgical procedures. If you need such treatment, you will be invited to meet the orthodontist and the dental surgeon at the practice to discuss the treatment plan. Your dentist will receive a report of what was discussed.


Several orthodontists work at Mrs Schuttelaar’s practice. They regularly confer on treatment plans and the progress of treatments. In the southern part of Limburg, all orthodontists are members of a collaboration named ZLOC (South Limburg Orthodontists Combination).

Dental hygienist

Some patients need the help of a dental hygienist to make their teeth healthy before an orthodontic treatment can begin. Some patients also need help during the treatment. After a patient is treated by the dental hygienist, the orthodontist will be informed with a written report, if so desired.

Speech therapist

Sometimes, a patient needs help from a speech therapist. The speech therapist can determine whether and when treatment is necessary and which therapy would be most effective before or in combination with an orthodontic treatment.

Dental technician

Collaboration with the dental technician at the dental laboratory is very important. The orthodontists frequently confer with the technicians, because it’s important that braces fit patients perfectly. The dental technician uses the impressions of the patients’ teeth to make models of the teeth and various kinds of braces.