About the practice

The building was originally used by the Green Cross as a health centre, from the early 1960s. Some of the parents and guardians who come to the practice visited it during that period, too. In the early 1980s, the building first became an orthodontic practice.

Mrs C.J.M. Schuttelaar started her practice in 1998, when she took over the building from H.C.M. Robbe, an orthodontist from Maastricht. Starting in 2004, the building was extensively modernised and expanded. Finally, the work was completed in May 2006 and the practice had become a pleasant place to work, with all the conveniences for patients that are necessary to provide good orthodontic care.

Mrs Schuttelaar chose to work in collaboration with other orthodontists and/or dentists who are specialised in orthodoncy. Therefore, on the days that Mrs Schuttelaar doesn’t work, you will be seen to by one of her colleagues.