The retention phase

When the actual treatment has been completed, it is very important to retain the accomplished results. Teeth and molars tend to slide back into their old alignment. This is why every treatment is followed by a retention phase.

To prevent the teeth and molars from going back to their old alignment, retainers are used. Usually, retainers are narrow bands that are glued to the tongue-side of your teeth. These retainers can last a long time if they are brushed well and handled carefully. The retainers will be checked either in our practice or by the dentist. If you notice that the retainer has come loose somewhere or has been damaged, then you should contact our practice.

In some cases, it may also be necessary to place additional, removable night braces. This is usually done when the treatment included an extensive relocation of the jaw or widening of the upper jaw, or when the treatment corrected an extremely deep bite. These braces will have to be worn for about one year, during which they will have to be worn less and less often, or until the new alignment of the teeth and molars is stable.